Danny House to be Featured on Channel 5’s “The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Homes”

Danny House is proud to announce its upcoming feature on Channel 5’s esteemed programme, “The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Homes.” This episode, set to air on Sunday, 9th June 2024 at 8pm, will showcase Danny House alongside two other prestigious retirement homes from around the world, including The Palace in Miami, USA, and The Ridge in Pinehurst, Denver.

Watch the trailer here

As the only UK retirement home recognised as one of the best in the world, Danny House stands out in Channel 5’s programme, which highlights the most opulent retirement homes globally. The show focuses on their exceptional services, stunning locations, and unique offerings that define luxury retirement living.

Danny House, a 450-year-old country mansion, is one of the first established retirement homes in the world. It offers residents a unique blend of historic charm and modern luxury. The programme will highlight the exceptional lifestyle at Danny House, where residents enjoy the serene beauty of a 100-acre estate located at the foot of the South Downs National Park. The episode features personal stories from residents such as 86-year-old Susan Rouse, a retired interior designer, and 90-year-old Joan Wilson, a retired computer programmer who now tends to the house’s gardens and cares for an orphaned lamb.

Danny House holds a significant place in WWI history. In 1918, it served as the temporary office of Prime Minister David Lloyd George and the War Cabinet. The Armistice agreement that ended the war was confirmed during Lloyd George’s stay at Danny House, making it a site of national historical importance.

Adding a local touch to this exciting feature, “The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Homes” is produced by ScreenDog, an independent production company based in Brighton. Their portfolio includes Channel’s 4 recent hit The Jury: Murder Retrial and other notable programmes such as Stacey Dooley: Stalkers (BBC1/BBC Three), Smuggled (Channel 4) and Hurricane Man (UKTV/BBC Studios). ScreenDog’s passion for crafting audacious formats and giving a unique perspective, makes their productions stand out and often make headlines.

Richard Burrows, the dedicated owner of Danny House, is excited to share the story of this extraordinary residence. “We are honoured to be featured on Channel 5’s programme, showcasing the unique and luxurious lifestyle we offer at Danny House. Our residents are like family, and we strive to provide a beautiful and supportive environment for them to enjoy their retirement.”